Instructors Lineup 2014

Albir Rojas (Panama) and Carola Tauler (Spain) are two of the most admired and sought after Kizomba teachers and dancers of our time – so much so that you don’t have to be a dancer to know them by their names.
With a unique style, they combine traditional angolan Kizomba with elements from hip-hop, jazz, bachata and ballet, bringing us a personal and sophisticated style Albir calls Kizomba Fusion.


Panama / Spain

Mandela (Angola) and Lisa Dunke (Portugal) are two forces of nature. They transform their Kizomba, Kuduro or Afro-house workshops in experiences of overwhelming joy, bringing everyone together almost to a transe. Anyone who has spend time with them knows what we mean: they’re two immense souls that can light and mesmerize a crowd.


Angola / Portugal

Yanis (Angola) & Lara (Espanha), Kizomba Spain champions and world vice-champions (AfricAdançar, Milão), are the revelation of 2014.
With a deep knowledge of the african and brazilian musical and cultural traditions, Yanis & Lara are both experienced dancers, teachers, and coreographers.


Angola / Spain